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Dealing with hair loss has everything to do with your own image for yourself. At Elite Solutions in Sacramento CA, your vision is what we want to ultimately create. Some women embrace total hair loss completely by shaving their heads. Others choose not to reveal their hair loss. Still others, like the inimitable Kayla Martell, switch from a beautiful bald look to a long, flowing style whenever the mood strikes. You don't have to make a forever decision. The Elite Team is here to give you options – realistic options that work and hair that you'll be excited to wear.

Human Hair Wigs are a natural option.

Every hair restoration method under the sun is perfect for one woman or another, but the only option that really matters for you is the one you'll feel comfortable wearing. Many women prefer the completely natural look and feel of a customized human hair wig because it's the closest thing to nature. It leaves you the option to be bald and bold when you want, along with the exceptional comfort of giving your scalp the chance to really breathe. If you want to change up your look from day to day and don't want to mess with manmade replacement hair, a human hair wig could be your perfect solution.

Our Incredible, 100% Natural Human Hair Wig Collections

The idea behind Envy wigs is to give you restored hair that you can feel good about in more ways than one. Its first promise is to give you natural-looking hair that's full, comfortable, and secure. This human-hair wig line also delivers the kind of stunning style that will turn heads and make other women green with envy. The third benefit is the peace of mind that comes with making sure your hair restorative comes from an environmentally conscious company.

Gemtress has taken center stage in women's hair restoration for years thanks to their unparalleled quality and comfort. Every Gemtress product was designed specifically for women, so they provide us with great tools for resolving hair loss – even on a budget.

Jon Renau provides hair loss specialists with the kinds of tools that make our job easy and fulfilling. The results achieved by their human-hair wigs make it possible for us to go beyond hair replacement to restoring comfort and confidence for our female hair loss clients. By nurturing the women who use their products, and by really listening to feedback, this family-owned company has become a favorite hair provider worldwide.

The newest Jon Renau Wig & Toppers exude elegance, innovation, and timeless beauty! Jon Renau’s Professionnel Collection was designed as an exclusive, private collection for brick and mortar wig locations and walk in boutiques only.

What would it take for Raquel Welch, famous for her timeless style, to lend her long-respected name to a line of wigs? You'll see the answer when you see our Raquel Welch human hair wigs – products she truly believes in. These stunning hairpieces take quality and realness beyond most hairpieces on the market. They're a breath of fresh air for women new to the world of wigs, and they bring diverse, extremely wearable options to those experienced with wearing hair.

Virtuesse makes it easy to create a completely natural transition from partial to full hair replacement. 100% real human hair wigs take the revolutionary Virtuesse system one step further to resolve hair loss due to chemotherapy and complete hair loss. It's real, lush hair that's effortless to take care of. With natural hair growth patterns, an ultra-thin base, and no bumps or ridges, a Virtuesse real human hair wig is undetectable -- even to the touch!

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